Who are we?

Our Mission

The purpose of the “Kul Hind Markazi Imam Foundation” is that in the first place all the Imams who follow Ahle Sunnah ideology should be brought under the purview of this organization so that at least there can be uniformity in the speech given during the Friday prayers.



By Using the Khutba- Promotion of message of Moderate Islam, Interfaith

Positive response

Positive response to the current social issues. Making of developing atmosphere in Muslim society.

Moral and Ethical Values

Spreading of moral and ethical values.


This organization will start a training series of Imams in which it will make them aware of new challenges, contemporary issues, technology and constitution. Generally we have found that Imams of Mosques have better knowledge about Islam but just being associated with Madrasa education they do not have such deep knowledge of modernity, technology, constitution and contemporary issues. This has a double disadvantage. The first is that they are not able to represent the public on these issues and secondly, when someone gives them wrong information on these issues, they subscribe it. Several modules of our training can be developed. It can range from one day to yearly.


We are organising the training programs for Imams on routine basis

1 Day Seminars: On current issues, conferences, seminars and workshops is to be organised.

Monthly Training Schedules: Trainings on One Week basis can be carried on Technology and Constitution etc.

Training on Issues: We have an expert group on the issues and curriculum to train the imams. At the very glance, we identified some topics of importance and training the Imams.

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